Celeste Fine Founding Partner, CEO

Celeste is regularly ranked as one of the top literary agents in the business and advises dozens of New York Times bestselling authors, who sell millions of copies of their books in every language around the world, such as Jennifer Weiner, Janet Evanovich, Helen Hoang, William Li, Andrew Huberman, and David Goggins. In addition to working closely with clients to develop their proposals and edit their manuscripts, Celeste is known for negotiating 7- and 8-figure deals. She and her team thoughtfully counsel on marketing and publicity campaigns, television and film deals, and professional opportunities around the world—such as podcasts, speaking, social media, events, and book clubs.  Her goal is to keep people paying attention to her authors and their books, year after year.  

Celeste has a special interest in new authors who are embarking on life-long careers and established authors who are excited for a fresh take on reaching their readers.  In fiction, she is currently seeking upmarket commercial fiction authors and thriller writers who can crossover to television and film, and in nonfiction, she is always looking for authors who want to change the world.

Originally from California, Celeste graduated magna cum laude in Government from Harvard University, received certifications in international conflict resolution and mediation in The Hague, and takes seriously her role as a member of her clients’ trusted inner circle.