Susana Alvarez

Fri Feb 26, 2021

Susana Alvarez works alongside Celeste Fine and the nonfiction team, working closely to ensure that author’s needs and success are met throughout the publishing process, from ideation to proposal to publication. As first-generation Mexican-American, she is especially drawn to and excited to reflect multicultural experiences and perspectives. Her interests range from narrative nonfiction, where she has a penchant for memoirs, to voice-driven Journalism, cultural commentary, big idea society-moving books, to the health and wellness industry; particularly among women and under-represented communities.

Outside of nonfiction, her love of the literary world first arrived through the great American novel, which evolved into a passion for fiction rooted in themes of: the self, coming of age, complex human relationships, and multi-generational stories against the backdrop of multiple nations and cultures.

With a passion for editorial development, and a knack for being (perhaps too) plugged into today’s buzziest conversations and individuals, she’s fascinated by tuning in and exploring people’s unique stories and prides herself on approaching the industry through a lens of constant learning and discovery. Storytelling, from the page to the screen, (binging books and TV since before Netflix made it a verb) she believes is both our driving force and legacy as a society.

Susana holds a B.S. in Journalism and a B.A. in International Relations from Boston University; she was most recently at UTA.

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