Peter Knapp

Thu Dec 31, 2020

First joining Park Literary in 2011, Peter Knapp represents authors of middle grade and young adult fiction and commercial adult fiction, including SFF. His clients include the New York Times bestselling authors Soman Chainani, Lindsay Cummings, Brenda Drake, Ayana Gray, Adalyn Grace, and Sara Holland, and critical darlings and award winners like Emily Bain Murphy, Julia Drake, and Kate O’Shaughnessy. He loves to work with both established voices and up-and-coming talent, and also represents Daniel Aleman, Adi Alsaid, Lane Clarke, Francesca Flores, Maiya Ibrahim, Rebecca McLaughlin, Ginny Myers Sain, Sarena and Sasha Nanua, Kate O’Shaughnessy, Crystal Smith, Will Walton, and Amélie Wen Zhao, among others.

The word that he’d use to describe his clients’ books is “sharp”: they have strong points of view, are smartly written and compulsively readable. Some are commercial, some are literary, but all of them have a bit of edge: they stick out, with something to say. Before joining Park Literary (now PFLM), he was at Floren Shieh Productions, a book-scouting agency working with film clients, and he continues to actively look for cinematic manuscripts with great hooks, as well as literary stories with awards-potential. He is looking for both emerging voices and established authors, and what drew him to the agenting side of the business is not just what he likes working on, but also who he likes working with: Peter’s clients are ambitious storytellers who have something they want to say, and something they want to build…and he is excited to help them do it. 

In MG and YA, he is looking for stories across all genres. In adult, he is looking for upmarket commercial fiction and SFF. Some of his favorite recent reads are by authors such as Olivie Blake, S.A. Chakraborty, Stephen Graham Jones, Tana French, Taylor Jenkins Reid, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Kate Morton, Kiley Reid, Rebecca Serle, and Donna Tart, to name just a few; if your work is comparable to any of these authors, he is interested to read more!

A graduate of New York University, Pete now lives in Brooklyn with his husband. To see his latest deals, click here.

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