Mia Vitale

Thu Apr 23, 2020

Mia Vitale works alongside Sarah Passick to bring big ideas and big voices to the page. She is equally enthusiastic about literary fiction and narrative nonfiction. In fiction, she loves character driven stories, stories that play with form, and dialogue-heavy narratives. In narrative nonfiction, she loves propulsive stories that get at the heart of specific issues, communities, histories, or individuals. She is also interested in books about platonic female relationships, cultural criticism, humor, pop culture, identity, urban environments, reportage, and memoir. She’s particularly compelled by both fiction and nonfiction that explores how we communicate (or fail to do so). She is especially passionate about finding new voices from historically underrepresented backgrounds. Originally from Chicago, she is a graduate of Harvard University and the Columbia Publishing Course. She was previously at The Wylie Agency.

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