Celeste Fine

Sun May 31, 2020
Celeste is regularly ranked as one of the top literary agents in book publishing and advises dozens of New York Times bestselling authors.  She has a special interest in the ways a book can change the way we think and ultimately the world we live in.  Clients include celebrities, academics, entrepreneurs, doctors, journalists, researchers, experts, and a select list of children’s and fiction authors whose ideas and stories are picked up by big media as often as they are recommended among small groups of friends.  In addition to helping clients develop their proposals and manuscripts and negotiating some of the biggest book deals in the industry, she counsels on the publications, television and film deals, marketing and publicity campaigns, and professional opportunities that keep people paying attention to a book year after year. Originally from California, Celeste graduated magna cum laude in Government from Harvard University and received certifications in international conflict resolution and mediation in The Hague.
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