Celeste Fine

Sun May 31, 2020

Celeste is regularly ranked as one of the top nonfiction agents in the business and advises dozens of New York Times bestselling authors.  Clients include celebrities, academics, entrepreneurs, doctors, journalists, researchers, and wellness icons whose extraordinary stories and original ideas are featured in serious media, like NPR and Nature, as often as they are picked up by popular outlets, like GMA and chart-topping podcasts.  As an agent, she helps her authors develop their proposals and positioning, negotiates some of the biggest book deals in the industry, and counsels on the manuscripts, publications, marketing campaigns, speaking events, online experiences, product lines, and professional opportunities that shape their careers.   Unlike other agents, Celeste is known for building one-of-a-kind teams around each of her authors.  Depending on an author’s needs, these teams add extra editorial experience, outside digital marketing expertise, personalized podcast and influencer support, long-standing retail relationships and insights, shrewd intellectual property know-how.  In the increasingly competitive publishing marketplace, this signature team approach leads to more successful publications and more enjoyable, long-lasting publishing careers.  Celeste also oversees the company’s overall nonfiction strategy.  She loves to talk about books and enjoys connecting interesting people with common missions.  Originally from California, Celeste graduated magna cum laude in Government from Harvard University.  She received certifications in international conflict resolution and mediation in The Hague before spending her twenties and thirties playing amateur pool in NYC dive bars where one really learns the art of people.  Today, Celeste splits her time between faculty housing at Columbia University, where her husband is tenured in the Classics department, and rural Connecticut, where her children and dog run free with wild turkeys, bears, and hawks.


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