The creator of the famous “Obedience Experiments” carried out at Yale University in the 1960s, and originator of the “six degrees of separation” concept, Stanley Milgram was one of the most innovative social scientists of our time. In this first in-depth portrait of Milgram, Thomas Blass captures the colorful personality and pioneering work of a man who profoundly altered the way we think about human nature.

In this groundbreaking book, Blass offers fresh insight into Milgram's classic obedience experiments while introducing readers to the rest of Milgram's fascinating work. From information overload and television violence to the notions of the familiar stranger and small world, Milgram's curiosity led him to expand the boundaries of social psychology. Although Milgram died at the height of his career, his work continues to shape the way we live and think today. A sweeping look at the rise of social psychology as an immensely influential field of modern science, THE MAN WHO SHOCKED THE WORLD is a brilliant and long-overdue portrait of an eccentric visionary who revealed the inner workings of our very social world.