Covert CIA ops officer Vanessa Pierson is finally close to capturing the world's most dangerous international nuclear arms dealer: Bhoot, alias the ghost. One of her assets has information about Bhoot's upcoming visit to a secret underground nuclear weapons facility in Iran--in only a few days. But just as Pierson's informant is about to give her the location, they're ambushed by an expert sniper. Pierson narrowly escapes. Her asset: dead.

Desperate to capture Bhoot and the sniper before they inflict more damage, Pierson enlists all of the Agency's resources to find them. But with each day, the pressure of the manhunt mounts, causing her to push her forbidden romance with a fellow ops officer to its limit when she asks him to do the impossible. Despite the risks, she refuses to halt her pursuit of the terrorists, and she puts her cover and her career--and her life--at risk.

With rapid-cut shifts from European capitals to Washington to the Near East, and with insider detail that only a former spy could provide, Blowback marks the explosive beginning of the hunt for Bhoot, the villain whom Vanessa Pierson devotes her life to capturing, dead or alive.

This hair-raising thriller pits forensic psychologist Dr. Sylvia Strange against a serial poisoner at work in the top-secret biological research facilities at Los Alamos National Laboratories. Dr. Christine Palmer is a renowned toxicologist and biologist, and an expert on arcane poisons. Her specialty is the development of antidotes to biochemical and biological toxins. If FBI and international investigators are correct in their suspicions, she is also responsible for the deaths of at least four fellow scientists. When anti-terrorism expert Edmond Sweetheart enlists Sylvia's assistance as a profiler one week before her wedding, she is swept into a dangerous face-off with the lethally beautiful Dr. Palmer. The disappearance of a key sample of antitoxins from LANL, on the heels of the mysterious death of one of Dr. Palmer's colleagues, triggers a race to the deadly finish line, exposing Sylvia to a terrifying ordeal she never dreamed possible.

DANTES' INFERNO is the fourth work in Sarah Lovett's popular gritty crime series featuring forensic psychiatrist Dr. Sylvia Strange. When a massive explosion blasts through the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and kills innocent visitors including children on a class trip, the police peg mysterious loner John Dantes as the killer. But there's something about him that puzzles Dr. Strange, who is called in to perform a psychiatric evaluation. She's not convinced he's the killer. She is, however, convinced that he's the key to understanding and finding the bomber. Can Dr. Strange unravel Dantes' madness in order to bring the real killer to justice?