In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton sailed south aboard the Endurance to make history by crossing the Antarctic continent. Shackleton's story is legend, but few know the harrowing story of the Ross Sea Party, Shackleton's support party dispatched to the other side of the continent to build a lifeline of food and fuel depots to support his crossing. “I had not anticipated the work would present any great difficulties,” Shackleton wrote. Yet everything went tragically wrong when the Ross Sea Party's ship, the Aurora, tore free of her moorings and disappeared in a gale, leaving ten men marooned with only the clothes on their back and few provisions. With little hope of rescue from a world embroiled in World War I, the men decided to accomplish their mission against all odds. Tyler brings to life the heartbreaking adventure story of ordinary men fighting to survive in the most brutal environment on earth.