It was 1920's Philadelphia, a time when the feverish popular obsession with the paranormal is confronted by the inevitable ascension of the scientific method. With everyone from Houdini to Arthur Conan Doyle weighing in on the debate over the existence of parapsychological phenomena, the media was as fixated on the sensational debate as scientists and would-be psychics. Indeed, in 1922, Scientific American offered $5,000 for evidence of “conclusive psychic manifestations.” Inspired by this real-life event, INAMORATA follows Martin Finch, a twenty-three- year-old Harvard graduate student and member of Scientific American's Investigative Committee, on the case of a lifetime--an attempt to determine whether Mina Crawley, a beautiful Philadelphia socialite, is able to contact the spirit realm. In the tiny upstairs room of the Crawley's elegant Philadelphia townhouse, Finch is prepared to debunk a fraud. But instead the man of science breaks the cardinal rule of psychic investigation: Never fall in love with the medium.