Between these pages lies a year of cooking and eating told through the stories and moments that unfold with the seasons. A Simple Feast takes you on a playful journey—from an apple orchard or sparkling holiday party to a maple farm or a rooftop barbeque. Each of these events inspires simple, elegant food that takes its cues from the bounty of local markets and farms, embodying modern American cooking.

A trip to an antiques market and the treasures found therein inspire a menu of rustic dishes like Duck Rillettes and Pickled Cauliflower; a snowy winter day makes time for small indulgences like Hazelnut Hot Chocolate; the first signs of spring call for a garden party with Asparagus and Spring Onion Tarts; surf, sand, and sun elicit cravings for bright flavors like Tomatillo Salsa and Cocktail Popsicles.

A feast can be many things—a house full of friends clinking glasses and breaking bread together, an intimate candlelit dinner, or even a humble meal just for one. Whatever the crowd or the occasion, this collection of recipes will serve as inspiration and companion for your own simple feasts.