Dr. Dale Bredesen on The 700 Club: How to Prevent & Reverse Alzheimer’s

Tue Aug 18, 2020

‘Alzheimer’s is a scary disease because it means not remembering loved ones or how to do basic things like getting dressed. Until recently, doctors didn’t know what caused it and couldn’t offer much help. However, now that’s changed.

Just like a roof with dozens of holes can only work if all of them are repaired, Alzheimer’s has dozens of causes that must all be addressed, according to Dr. Dale Bredesen who has researched the causes and treatments of Alzheimer’s Disease for more than thirty years. 

“Let’s make dementia a rare problem. Let’s make Alzheimer’s a rare disease, just as it should be,” Dr. Bredesen told CBN News.’

Watch the full interview on CBN News online.

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