Mon Jan 4, 2016

“An emotionally gripping page-turner.”     — Elle   

“We found ourselves racing through this exotic, sexy, heartbreaking book. . . . We couldn’t wait to find out what happens to each of the women.” — Glamour   

“Gorgeously wrought . . . The first must-read of 2016.” — Marie Claire   

“Little is written about the rarefied world of American expats… We imagine we know these women… but we don’t. Janice Y. K. Lee does.” — Vanity Fair  

“Nails family trauma and gentrified Hong Kong” — New York Mag

“Absorbing, poignant… a great read and a testament to the strength and resilience we all have” —Redbook

“Devastating and heartwarming, and exquisite in every way, this is a book you’ll fall deeply in love with and never want to put down.” — Kevin Kwan, author of Crazy Rich Asians  

“Shine[s] a penetrating light on both the ups and downs of the expat experience and the resilience of the human spirit.” — Literary Review (UK)  

“A richly detailed novel that rubs away at the luster of expat life and examines how the bonds of motherhood or, really, womanhood, can call back even those who are furthest adrift.” — Kirkus Reviews 

 “A captivating book about three American women living in an expatriate community in Hong Kong . . . Lee’s women are complex and often flawed, which makes the stories of their strength all the more compelling in this tale of family, motherhood, and attempts at moving on.” —Publishers Weekly

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