Pattie Ehsaei

Known as “The Duchess of Decorum” by her 980K+ followers, Pattie Ehsaei has established herself as one of the leading financial experts today. Pattie’s TikTok teachings on female equality in the workplace, financial literacy, workplace decorum and financial independence for women have over 7 million likes—answering questions such as “How do I maintain financial independence in a relationship?” “How do I make and keep a budget?” “How do I maintain my power in the workplace?” “How do I ask for a raise?” “How do I navigate male-dominated industries?” These are the type of questions that Pattie provides real and honest answers to, that keep her fans begging for more.

Born in Iran, Pattie moved to Los Angeles as a youth and has spent the last 20 years in a multifaceted career focused in finance. From managing divisions of banking institutions, business development, investment banking, and raising capital from sovereign wealth funds in private equity, Pattie has seen all sides of the industry and has quickly become an authority in this space.

A lawyer by trade and currently a Senior Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions financing for a major national bank, Pattie is the perfect example of “tough, but fair” and believes that success comes from information and empowerment. Pattie’s direct approach peppered with levity and some real takeaway made her an instant success and a highly sought-after speaker. She has delivered keynote addresses for numerous platforms and organizations including Create & Cultivate, Iranian American Women’s Foundation, Women’s Investment Summit and the University of Denver STEM Program and has been a panelist for events that inspire the next generation of women such as the Meet Me in Malibu Influencer Panel. Pattie’s voice can also be seen in print on where she shares her wisdom as a financial contributor.

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