Michelle & Keith Norris

Michelle and Keith Norris are the co-founders of Paleo f(x), one of the nation’s premier health conferences and the largest Paleo platform and event in the world. Every year, Paleo f(x) pulls together cutting-edge health practitioners, scientists in a variety of fields, coaches and gym owners, New York Times best­selling authors, popular bloggers, community and sustainability activists, biohackers, chefs, and more. Together, Michelle and Keith have created the most valuable holistic health symposium in the modern wellness world.

In addition to Paleo f(x) Michelle and Keith have also launched Health Entrepreneur f(x), a pre-Paleo f(x) event specifically designed for high-profile and up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space. Keith and Michelle are also founding partners of ID Life, which is revolutionizing the supplement industry with research-backed, personalized vitamins and programs.

Though they were friends in high school, Michelle and Keith did not reconnect and get married until 20 years later. Both were successful in their corporate careers, but found much greater satisfaction in inspiring a global community of people to retake control of their lives and their health.

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