Kate Pearsall

Kate Pearsall developed a love for stories and the beauty of language at a young age, often spinning tales of magical worlds and exciting adventures with her sisters and filling notebooks with collected words. Yet, despite growing up in a family of avid readers and a house full of books, it was the tales of her mother’s childhood in the Appalachian Mountains that she craved most as bedtime stories.

A history and travel enthusiast, in the rare moments she’s not writing, she can be found willfully indulging her curiosity, often getting deeply submerged in obscure topics that inevitably make their way into future work, or adding to her collection of vintage books and ephemera. Her debut novel, Bittersweet in the Hollow, published in Fall 2023; its companion, Lies on the Serpent’s Tongue, is forthcoming.

Represented by: Peter Knapp