Casey Tanner

Casey Tanner (she/they), AASECT-certified sex therapist and creator of @queersextherapy, is a global thought leader in millennial and Gen Z gender and sexuality. Casey consults for brands, businesses, and universities around the world, her expertise appearing in Oprah, Health, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Health and InStyle.

When her initial pursuit of a career in evangelical ministry was disrupted by a mental health crisis, Casey was forced to reckon with the harmful impact of purity culture and systemic homophobia on her sense of self. After coming out as queer at a college that expressly forbid “homosexual behavior,” Casey made it her mission to disrupt barriers to authenticity by pursuing her masters in counseling with a specialization in sexual and gender diversity, and ultimately received her Sexual Health Certificate from University of Michigan.

Casey is the founder and CEO of The Expansive Group, a gender and sex therapy start-up that serves over 500 LGBTQIA+ clients annually. As producer and co-host of Safeword Podcast, Casey is a trusted advisor to audiences seeking to undo their sex miseducation, cultivate authenticity, and expand their relational imaginations.

Represented by: Sarah Passick