Brooke Taylor

Brooke Taylor is a Transformational Career Coach for women, and a former Marketing Lead at Google. Her clients are top female executives at Goldman Sachs, BCG, Salesforce, American Express, Coinbase, Meta and more. Her transformational group coaching programs and workshops at companies like Google, Uber, and McKinsey have changed the lives of over 5,000 women globally. Brooke is the global expert in a phenomenon she coined “the Success Wound”, which is the pain high-achievers experience when they mistake their success for their self-worth. Her innovative, inside-out coaching methodology has helped thousands of high-achievers to heal their Success Wound and finally have a career that feels both fulfilling and successful. Her forthcoming book will guide high achieving women to do exactly this, while transforming their relationship to work and to themselves. Brooke and her work has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Women’s Health, Business Insider, and more.

Represented by: Mia Vitale, Sarah Passick