Elizabeth Pratt Literary Agent

Elizabeth Pratt works alongside Celeste Fine, supporting bestselling nonfiction and fiction authors. She brings a sharp editorial eye to her projects, tailoring each experience to that author’s particular needs. Elizabeth is looking for fiction and nonfiction from diverse perspectives and emerging voices that takes something familiar and turns it on its head, recounts history from a different point of view, sheds light on something previously unnoticed, or makes us think about the world in a different way. Of particular interest to her are intergenerational family sagas, historical fiction, books with surreal elements, and deep dives into the inner workings of human relationships.

Elizabeth began her career at The Wylie Agency, working with renowned and debut authors of literary fiction and narrative non-fiction. Following her career at Wylie, she worked in media at Universal McCann helping to manage a corporate client’s multi-million-dollar media budget.

Originally from Michigan, Elizabeth is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the Columbia Publishing Course at Oxford. She lives on the Upper East Side, where she constantly obsesses over the many dogs (on the street and in strollers) and enjoys eating a lot of good food.