Alexis Burgess Literary Agent

Alexis Burgess is a literary agent in the serious non-fiction department at Park & Fine Literary and Media. Alexi works with academic authors whose research has important implications for the public sphere, to guide them through the process of developing a competitive trade proposal, or helping them build on their existing platforms. He currently represents authors who work in areas like evolutionary biology, cognitive science, ecology and the environment, education policy and practice, parenting, and philosophy.

Prior to joining PFLM in 2022, Alexi co-founded and co-directed an education nonprofit in Los Angeles called Alcove Learning, where young people receive mentoring and practical support to design their own educations. There he continues to offer courses in everything from math and physics to philosophy and literature. From 2006-2019, he taught philosophy as a professor at Stanford and other universities. His research fell at the intersection of metaphysics and philosophy of language, on topics like truth, fiction, realism, reference, existence, identity, and indeterminacy.

Alexi has a PhD from Princeton and an AB from Harvard. He lives in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles with his partner, Anna Fishko, a screenwriter with whom he co-developed the series Orphan Black: Echoes for AMC. They fundamentally disagree about whether their two children should be offered the opportunity to attend Alcove. As a reader, his favorite books tend to be graphic novels, plays, literary fiction, and futurology.